Hi! My name is Caitlin.

Me sitting on a huge piece of driftwood in Michigan's Keweenaw peninsulaI am a researcher and a Jill of Many Trades, currently living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I am particularly interested in how humans interact with technology, and how people interact with each other through technology.

I got my Masters in Human Computer Interaction from the School of Information at the University of Michigan in 2013. For several years after, I worked as a user experience designer on a variety of web-related projects. Most recently, I worked at Deque Systems as a user experience designer and researcher.

What I really want to be when I grow up is a full-fledged researcher. Starting in Fall 2019, I will be a PhD student at the School of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University. My goal is to research how people interact with one another in video game communities.

Because I like video games! My favorites are the Civilization series, Katamari Damacy, Overwatch, and the Legend of Zelda series. I also spends lots of time reading, knitting, and doing jigsaw puzzles.

And I have two extremely photogenic cats.